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For property you would like to buy, rent or sell in Ghana, Pennworth Real Estate is here to assist you, with our team of seasoned real estate brokers we help you maximixe profit. We give you value for money for your property. You can invest in properties in Ghana confidently with us.

Pennworth Real Estate will help you find the right office space for you business. We release you of the stress that comes with trying to find property yourself. We understand the potentials of a good office location. We also help you find suitable client for your office property.

We help you identify the perfect location to site your retail business to enhance the reach of your target market.
Our Real Estate Consultancy services are geared towards helping you to lease, buy, rent or invest in property in Ghana and we provide guidance, every step of the way

At Pennworth Real Estate, we help you acquire the right kind of real estate property in Ghana. A property that enables the right environment for what you want to do. If you want to lease or sell any property, we assist in helping you find a client. We are ready to guide you with our proven expertise and experience.

At Pennworth Real Estate Limited, we know how to nogotiate best for the mutual benefits of both the property owner and the property seeker. We help you with the appropriate agreement or contract for your chosen property.

At Pennworth Real Estate Limited, we provide you the right information you need to sell or rent out or buy property through our up-to-date research in the Ghanaian real estate market.

Pennworth RE connects property owners who seek to redevelop their into modern day developments and vice versa.We will assist you to link up with the right land/building and developers for a smooth transaction. For all your professional real estate transactions contact us today.

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